Boge Air: Providing the Air to Work

If it is BOGE Air then you can be assured that it is quality air “Made in Germany”. This doesnt just apply to the first class energy efficient compressed air systems manufactured by BOGE. It is also applicable to the top quality compressed air treatment products. BOGE’s compressed air treatment products such as the dryers have been designed to work in perfect harmony with the compressor range to provide the optimal, most effective & efficient compressed air quality with options available to meet the highest air quality requirements.


The new ds-2 series from boge has raised the bar for refrigerant dryers

Thanks to the fully integrated design of its highly efficient heat exchanger, the DS-2 upstages all other refrigerant dryers in terms of energy efficiency. With significantly reduced refrigerant consumption. The overall operating costs are undeniably unbeatable, and the CO2 balance isnt to be frowned at. It’s not by chance the DS-2 models are designed for both 50 & 60 Hz (230 V). These machines can be used anywhere in the world. 

DS120 – DS1800 DRYERS: Compressed air drying has never been so convenient

Due to the effective controls, this series enables serious cost efficient compressed air drying. Their staggeringly low pressure loss, thanks to the well designed components of the dryer will prevent over compression. Compressor energy savings of six percent are obtained for every bar of pressure saved. Displaying the energy usage helps the operator fully access the greatest saving potentials, and arrive at the most efficient way to obtain dry compressed air.

DS120+ Dryers

the clean up! from air to boge quality air

Compressed air is a versatile medium. It is widely used throughout industry and can be found in workshops and garages where untreated air is acceptable. Alternatively used for the specialist of the pharmaceutical and food sectors requiring absolutely dry, oil-free and also often sterile compressed air.

1m³ of untreated ambient air can contain as much as 180 million particles of dirt as well as 50-80% of water vapour and oil in the state of un-burned hydrocarbons. During the compression process the concentration of these particles increases. For example, at a pressure of 10 Bar, an eleven-fold value of 2 billion dirt particles is optained.



An incorrectly dimensioned system can easily generate high costs in the long run. Our BOGE professionals therefore provide a thorough system analysis to ensure that the installed air treatment meets the sites exact requirements


Every compressed air treatment results in costs which should produce an optimal cost-benefit ratio. BOGE’s range of air treatment products ensure that there is a cost effective solution for every application.


The use of high quality materials and a reduced number of wearing parts ensure the BOGE air treatment systems are as efficient and reliable as possible. BOGE is committed to the highest standards in development and manufacturing, and we stand by this!