Boge Birmingham Air Compressor Distributor

Air Compressor Distributor

We are pleased to announce that Aroplus (UK) Ltd is now the official BOGE Air Compressor Distributor for the Birmingham area. This appointment is on the back of the success of Diaphragm Pumps Ltd’s agency for Stoke On Trent.

Building relationships with quality suppliers ensures that DPGOC’s companies provide quality on time products to our growing list of customers.
BOGE manufactures a large comprehensive range of industrial air compressors. These include oil lubricated and oil free screw compressors from 1 to 480 HP. Machines such as these are used by all sectors of industry to supply compressed air systems for a wide range of manufacturing processes. BOGE also supplies a complementary range of compressed air equipment from filters and dryers to condensate management equipment to help with your needs. Because of such things as this, we can offer fast and reliable service.

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